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Norway's worst serial killer

Julie Marie Grønhøj

Now I've talked a lot about travel tips, gift ideas, etc., so I thought it was about time to talk a little about serial killers again.

This time we are going to Norway. We have all heard about the massacre on Utøya, such a terrible tragedy. I remember it myself like it was yesterday. But this is not what we are going to talk about today.

We are going to talk about Arnfinn Nesset, who was a former nurse in Sør-trøndelage.

In 1977, Nesset was employed as manager of a nursing home in Orkdal, and a few years later a police investigation began when a number of suspicious deaths occurred at the nursing home.

In the first police interrogation, Nesset confessed to having been behind 27 of the deaths. He later retracted his confession and denied having anything to do with it.

After 2 years of investigation and a 5-month long trial, Nesset was sentenced in March 1983 to 21 years in prison for 22 of the murders he had previously confessed to, which is Norway's most severe sentence.

To kill the elderly and weak people, Arnfinn Nesset often used Curacit, which is a respiratory-inhibiting medicine. This could be used on the victim without raising suspicion and this worked for a while too.

But now we get to the wild part - are you ready? I'm not.


After serving 12 years of the prison sentence, Arfinn Nesset was released on parole and, as far as it is known, is still living in Norway under a new name.

If you are just as keen to hear about other serial killers, then please write a comment about who you would like us to talk about next time.

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