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Team Event

Post Nord on a Mystery hunt

Watch Post Nord try their hand at investigative work by solving one of our mysteries.

Are you looking for a company team building activity and don't know what to do? We do!

We have the perfect team building activity for you!
We offer self-guided true crime mystery hunts.

This team building activity is a fun way to work together as a team where you investigate a crime that has been committed, while taking in the beautiful and historic surroundings related to your mystery.

You will solve various tasks and clues throughout the self-guided mystery walk and hopefully solve the true crime case.
In the end you and your team must choose the right perpetrator. This means you and your team is allowed to open the final page of the mystery named “conclusion”. On this page you will learn the truth about what really happened.

The experience requires teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills. Do you think you have what it takes?

The experience is brought to the group through an envelope that you collect at our pick-up points in the city of your choice.

The envelope contains all the information and tools you will need to solve the mystery.

Our mystery hunts are inspired by real true crime cases.

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Custom made mysteries


Do you want your very own fantastic true crime mystery?
Others have requested a custom made mystery just for them!
So why not do like the DFDS Cruise Ship, the wonderful Community of Fedje Island, Grefsenkollen Restaurant & Novo Nordisk?

Get your own custom made mystery, designed for you and your company!
Don't create a team building activity, tell us your dream instead!

Mystery Hunts

If you are more than 20 people, do not hesitate to contact us at for a discount.