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Things to do in Copenhagen if you love true crime

Julie Marie Grønhøj

I think that we have established by now, that I am a true crime geek. I keep looking for new things to listen to, see and visit, that has something to do with true crime.

And now I have been to Politimuseet, or in English the Police Museum. The museum is located in Copenhagen on Fælledvej 20. Here you can see exhibits of old police uniforms, mugshots and there is a detention room and a room dedicated to murders, where you can read about brutal murders with all the bloody details. Sounds fun right? It really is! In a non psycho way, of course.

You can visit the police museum before or after solving one of our Copenhagen mysteries, and maybe they have the mystery, you just solved, in their exhibition? Go check it out, you won’t regret it, if you can’t get enough of true crime.


I would recommend you taking the bus there since it is a bit far from where our mysteries are located. But off course you can walk, if you are wearing good shoes and the weather is nice! Copenhagen is fun to explore by foot, so go on an adventure!

This is some of the beautiful things you can see, when you explore Copenhagen! You will get through Nyhavn in 'The Murder by Amalienborg Palace' and 'The Heist in Nyhavn'.

You can see our Copenhagen mysteries right here:


And don’t worry, the Police Museum has a whole room for unsolved cases, so if you can’t solve our mysteries you can always check out all the cases, real investigators weren’t able to solve and maybe find some comfort in that 😉


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