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What is an outdoor escape room?

Julie Marie Grønhøj

As the true crime genre becomes more popular, the amount of experiences in the genre also increases, to our great delight!

Escape rooms took the world by storm and became a widespread sensation.
It has some awesome elements, and really gets your brain working.

Then corona hit and because of escape rooms popularity, outdoor escape rooms emerged, which both contain the difficult tasks, while also allowing you to get some exercise and experience the city in a new way.

As a team, you are typically equipped with an iPad, and just like in the escape room, you have a certain amount of time to solve the tasks and questions. It is up to the group to work together and solve the tasks before the time runs out. These tasks can be in all forms, everything from decoding codes to mathematical problems.

This will require good cooperation and communication to get the various tasks solved.

This is a brilliant concept that also gives exercise and color to the cheeks.

With our Mystery Hunts you get all these elements. However, there is no other person responsible for the Mystery Hunt, and all electronics are discouraged.

When you have collected the envelope with all the materials, you can decide when you start, this also means that there is no time limit on how long you can spend.

This means that you can take the breaks you need along the way. (you can always use a cup of coffee either to get warm or to keep the brain going)

During the Mystery Hunt, you will be led around the streets of the chosen city while you solve puzzles and exciting tasks to find out where you are going next.

All of our Mystery Hunts are built around a true crime from the past.

So you get both the opportunity to get all the best elements from the Outdoor escape room, while at the same time you get to experience the city.

What's not to like?

I'm a big fan of this concept myself, and think it fits in perfectly regardless of whether you just want to go out and experience a bit, or if you want it as part of your tour around the city.

Find the mystery hunt closest to you and let me know if you love the concept as much as me.

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