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Why pick a self-guided tour?

Julie Marie Grønhøj

Now that I'm constantly talking about self-guided tours, do I think it's time to dive into what a self-guided tour is and why you should choose a self-guided tour over a guided tour.

 A self-guided tour is a tour where you don't have a guide with you, you get everything you need to get around and see the things you pass by on the way.

 This is a cheap form of sightseeing, where you both get the opportunity to move, soak up the surroundings and the culture, and hopefully a bit of colour.


At the same time, with a self-guided tour, do you get the opportunity to customize your day and experience yourself, since you are not bound by any time or schedule. It can therefore be easily combined with other experiences or plans.

Should a previous event take longer than expected, be moved or cancelled, will it not become a problem, since you just start when it suits and use the amount of time you feel like.


There are therefore many advantages with a self-guided tour, as it offers a completely different flexibility than a guided tour with a set time. At the same time, there is also the option of taking a lunch break, or a drink if you should get hungry or thirsty along the way, there is no pressure here.
At the same time, is it also possible with a self-guided tour to give it a little twist and unique element, this can be included in the guide you choose, or you can add it yourself.

I'm personally a fan of Solve A Mysteries' self-guided tour, as you pass attractions and beautiful buildings you wouldn't normally have come across, at the same time you also get a unique element.
While soaking up all the culture, you solve a murder mystery which is based on a true story from the past. It really gives the opportunity to be with family or friends in a new and different way. Is there anything not to like?

Solve A Mystery currently has mysteries in 12 different cities and many more on the way, and I'm sure there's one near you! You can see all the mysteries here: 

Order your mystery today and get a cheap and unique experience, maybe it's what you didn't know you were missing.



True crime Greek and fan of selfguided tours