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Tips for exploring Barcelona!

Julie Marie Grønhøj

Are you going to Barcelona?

Barcelona is an amazing city, so I get why you are going there! Personally, I’ve been there several times.

If you don’t know what to see in Barcelona or are searching for a good way to explore the city, I have a great tip for you!

Barcelona is a great city to explore by foot. So put on your best shoes and go on a CITY WALK! The good thing about city walks is, that it is a cheap way for you to get around – you get exercise and a great tan! What’s not to like?

If you are like me, a TRUE CRIME geek, you will love what I am about to tell you!

What is better than going for a walk with a true crime podcast?

I’ll tell you. You can actually combine your city walk with solving a mystery based on a true crime! Yes, you read that right. You will be solving a real mystery. Intrigued? Well then, continue reading and I will tell you much more about it.

Whether you’re going with your partner, family or a group of friends this will be a fun way to get around the city and explore all the beautiful historical buildings. With the mystery ‘The Severed Hand at the Cathedral’ you will be taken around Barcelona in the year 1914. You are police detectives investigating the case by solving riddles and tasks.

During the 2 km city walk you will see historical buildings in central Barcelona and end up by the Plaça de la Seu. The mystery lasts around 2 hours to solve, so there will be plenty of time for tapas and paella afterwards. Don’t worry about that! I mean, you can’t go to Barcelona without getting paella and tapas, right?

As you can see, I bought the game myself, the last time I was in Barcelona with my friends. It was great fun and of course we solved the mystery!

After you have solved the mystery as well, you can sit down at a nearby café, enjoy a glass of sangria (or two, I don’t judge) and read about the real case behind the mystery.

So, grab your investigation gear and get your mystery here:

If you want, you can also get your mystery through the Barcelona City Pass here

Everything you need, to solve the mystery is in the game. Whether you are a tourist or a local, I guarantee this will be a fun interactive experience to do!

Another fun tip: If you are a bigger group, you can buy more games and compete against each other. The winner is the group that solves the mystery first.

Good luck with your investigation, you may need it!

Do you have any good tips to explore Barcelona? Please share them with me in the comments!



True crime geek and self-appointed Barcelona guide