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Great tips for exploring Madrid

Julie Marie Grønhøj

Is the trip going to Madrid ?

7 months ago I shared my tips for a trip to Barcelona, ​​which you can read here:

But I simply can't get enough of Spain and the Spanish surroundings, so this time I went to Madrid, and I will therefore share the tips I have come across on my trip this time.

Madrid is known for its famous art, beautiful palaces, large green areas and lots of charming local life. There is culture to soak up wherever you are in the city. At the same time, Madrid is also full of delicious places to eat and a fantastic wine list. Can you dream of anything more?

As you know, I like to move even when I'm on holiday. I enjoy walking around the city and taking in the sightf of historical buildings, and then you can't complain about the color you build up in the process ;)

True crime runs in my veins, and therefore this must also be part of this journey. If you love true crime and murder mysteries like I do, keep reading to find out how you can make true crime part of your trip to Madrid.

With the Mystery hunt "Murder at the Royal Palace" you not only get to see the beautiful "Placio Real" but also the "Plaza Mayor" and the City Hall.

"Murder by the Royal Palace" is a beautiful 2 km self-guided city walk that takes you around beautiful buildings you wouldn't normally notice, as well as well-known attractions.

So put on your walking shoes and comfortable clothes, and take your family, friends or partner on a 2-hour short walk.

As the Mystery Hunt is self-guided, you can adjust the time you want to spend, and there is plenty of room for a cold ice cream, delicious lunch or a good glass of wine.

With my group, we discussed over a glass of wine, (don't judge me, but Spain has fantastic wine) who we thought the murderer was, and then had a delicious round of tapas for lunch, while we read about the true story.

This experience is for everyone, even if you are not a big crime fan, the tasks and the surroundings will still be a hit. So there's no reason why the "Murder by the Royal Palace" mystery hunt shouldn't be on your todo list on your next trip to Madrid.

You don't need anything to solve the mystery other than the things you get from the designated pick-up points. Even if it's your first time in Madrid, I recommend leaving the phone in your pocket, as it just adds something extra to the experience ;)

If you are going to be more than 4 people on your trip, I highly recommend spliting up into group of maximum 4 and see who can finish first - a competitive element just makes everything more exciting.

If you have any good tips for a visit to Madrid, or a suggestion for where to go next, please share it in the comments section.


True crime geek, and travel expert