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Good Tips for exploring Rome

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Going to Rome?

I love to travel and it's something I do often. You can never have too many experiences. That is why I have once again packed my suitcase and taken you on a journey of discovery. This time the trip goes to Rome!

I love Rome. There are so many amazing historical experiences. I can't count how many times I've visited the Colosseum. In addition, you just can't get enough of the classic Italian food - Italy is the home to pasta, pizza and, not least, Gelato.

Rome is the perfect city to go on a self-guided city tour, all the surroundings are so beautiful, and the fantastic culture can be experienced on every street corner. When you then have the opportunity to combine it with a true crime murder mystery, it just doesn't get any better if you ask me.

With the mystery hunt "Murder by the Pantheon" you get both traditional attractions and also shown the hidden sights you wouldn't normally come across.

On the 2 km long walk you will of course pass the Pantheon, but also Piazza Navona, the Piazza di Sant'Ignazio and many other fantastic locations, known as well as hidden wonders - I always love to come across something unexpected.

In addition to getting a fantastic true crime element on the self-guided tour around Rome, where you will solve a lot of exciting tasks on your route, it is also perfect for you who want a flexible experience and being spontaneous, and therefore don't want too many things planned in advance.

The mystery hunt can be started, paused and ended exactly as you wish.

Every time I'm out on a new mystery hunt, my friend and I always discuss who the perpetrator is over a local drink (You only live once). When we have reached an agreement on the perpetrator, the true story is read over a local specialty, this time it was a classic Spaghetti Carbonara.

Are there more of you going together, I recommend that you make it a competition - who doesn't love a competition? Buy more mysteries and the group that finishes first wins - The prize could be that the losers buy gelato for everyone!

Should you have any tips for a trip to Rome that I have forgotten, or a suggestion for where my next trip should be, please let me know in the comments section.



True crime geek, and supporter of a unique city walk